Friday, 22 April 2011

Work from Gallery 26 In Little Hampton

Photography by Leona Angus and Duncan Thrussel

Gallery 26 In Little Hampton

Throughout the month of April, Gallery 26 has also taken up residence in Little Hampton's Arun Ideas Shop, showcasing a more expanded array of talent local to the area and of Worthing as well. Throughout the month envigilator Duncan Thrussel (with help form Leona Angus, Skeleton Cru, James Pearson and others) has been showing the work and running workshops aimed at people with an interest in graphic novels, street art and photography with an emphasis on including youth outreach programmes such as the Little Hampton photography hunt run by Blueprint 22, an offshoot of Outreach Youth.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Artist Of The Week - James Frost

James Frost is a 26 year old photography student from Northbrook College. His passion for photography is shown within a mixture of landscape, portrait and constructed scenes that include social commentary and exploration of the natural world and its inhabitants.

Breathtaking landscapes of Gran Canaria, portrayals of Spanish Civil war veterans, Mickey Mouse masks, Seagulls, fish and fashion play the part of this show and of a selection of photographs from a person just starting out in this medium.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Outset Youth Action - My Face Photographic Exhibition Private View and Opening

Emma Munn - 'Minute after minute, hour after hour, everybody's running but half of them aint looking'
Adam Hayes - 'I did this project because of my love of art'

  • Jake Goble
  • Gina Palermo
  • Sarah Jane Taylor
  • Emma Munn
  • Michael Jenner
  • Shani Toth
  • Kaya Field
  • Candice Nicholson
  • Ishmael Badcock
  • Kayleigh Richardson
  • Ross August
  • Bee de Vries
  • Collette Hedouin
  • Izzy Lea
  • Joel Jeffers
  • Anna McNaughton
  • Tami Cook
  • Adam Hayes
  • Helen Page
  • Frankie Leather
  • Steve Rea
  • Samantha Mew
The opening of the My Face exhibition was a great success. A brilliant turn out for a showcase of intriguing photographic work from the Outset Youth volunteers.

Every picture had something to say about the individual in their own style and imagination, made even more interesting with the fact that here we have work by people from completely different sides of the photography spectrum. Exhibitors included young people who have studied photography and want to pursue this area further in their education and later field, to volunteers and members who have had little to no real experience before in this medium, but all with striking results of a passion for the working brief they were given and the output they created.

Every person involved produced their own spin and unique message or portrayal of themselves shown further with a use of humorous and poetic quotes to react as a companion to the pieces provided.

Good food, good music and a great atmosphere from a wide group of individuals who have a joy for giving something to the community through the work they do and the art they create.

'Sometimes it can feel like your upside down'

'Please feel free to shut the fuck up'

'A plum is a plum, a kiss aint a kiss without some tongue. So open your mouth, close your eyes and give your tongue some exercise'

Friday, 18 February 2011

Outset Youth Action presents 'My Face' Photographic Exhibition 19/2/11 - 4/3/11

Outset Youth is West Sussex volunteering organisation aimed and young people. The key aims of the agency is to encourage young people aged 13 - 25 to become inspired by volunteering for the community and broadening their own development into adulthood with the skills each volunteer acquires.

Some of the main areas that volunteers go into includes support to individuals and the elderly, sharing hobbies with people who have disabilities and/or additional learning needs, childcare, hospital and nursing assistance, conservation, preserving historical and cultural sectors and adding welfare to natural landscape.

More information on Outset Youth can be found at

The exhibition is a show of photography work by members and volunteers of Outset Youth. The work focuses on exploration of their own self imagery and character.

The Blog

Since opening in November 2010 Gallery 26 has made steady progress in supporting and showing artistic talent in the local community of Worthing, West Sussex.

The Gallery 26 blog is the documentation of our organisation's achievements and business as the new year and future moves forward. Here is the place for in depth accounts of the exhibitions and opportunities we will be showing from now on.

This Is Gallery 26

Gallery 26 is based in Worthing, West Sussex and is a not for profit company limited by guarantee. The aim of this social enterprise is to provide a variety of art services to artists and the community.

The gallery is something completely new to the area enabling the community to engage with the arts and local artists, and for those artists to work in partnership with Gallery 26 with the objective of providing art workshops to the community. Local artists can also use the space as an open art studio and we can provide private exhibition space and screenings of local independent film. Gallery 26 will also be promoting local musicians, bands and DJ’s through record sales.

Our aim is to provide affordable services to local artists with an instant route to market for their work and engage the community with the arts over a multi-platform.