Friday, 18 February 2011

Outset Youth Action presents 'My Face' Photographic Exhibition 19/2/11 - 4/3/11

Outset Youth is West Sussex volunteering organisation aimed and young people. The key aims of the agency is to encourage young people aged 13 - 25 to become inspired by volunteering for the community and broadening their own development into adulthood with the skills each volunteer acquires.

Some of the main areas that volunteers go into includes support to individuals and the elderly, sharing hobbies with people who have disabilities and/or additional learning needs, childcare, hospital and nursing assistance, conservation, preserving historical and cultural sectors and adding welfare to natural landscape.

More information on Outset Youth can be found at

The exhibition is a show of photography work by members and volunteers of Outset Youth. The work focuses on exploration of their own self imagery and character.

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